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Helping Clients Find Positive Resolutions to Legal Disputes

At the Law Office of Martin H. Katz, PLLC, I help individuals throughout Maricopa County pursue beneficial and lasting resolutions to difficult legal disputes in areas ranging from divorce, family law, personal injury, and probate.


Addressing a Range of Issues on Behalf of a Diverse Client Base

At the Law Office of Martin H. Katz, PLLC, I describe my practice as “the general practice of law and special situations.” I recognize that every case is unique, and I have a strong track record of effectively handling cases involving novel issues and complex disputes.


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My office is conveniently located in a classic Southwest-style building near downtown Phoenix. I have worked hard to create a welcoming, informal and relaxed atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable discussing their difficult legal issues and working toward positive outcomes.

If you are involved in any type of family law, estate, or personal injury matter, I encourage you to contact me at 602-241-9221 or by e-mail to discuss your legal options.