Estate Administration Lawyers Serving Maricopa County

At the law firm of Stegall, Katz & Whitaker, P.C., our Phoenix probate lawyers represent individuals and families throughout Maricopa County during the estate administration process.

We have a great deal of experience assisting personal representatives (executors) in the probate process. Whether notifying creditors and beneficiaries of the estate, taking inventory of the assets, or distributing property to the beneficiaries, our firm can help. We work to protect the rights of our clients as they fulfill their legal responsibilities.

Additionally, we represent beneficiaries of the estate, helping ensure they receive their inheritance as specified by the terms of a will, trust or Arizona law.

Probate Litigation

We are experienced at helping personal representatives and beneficiaries achieve positive resolutions to disputes that arise during probate, including will contests and breach of fiduciary claims. Our attorneys are committed to protecting our clients’ family relationships while representing their interests in negotiations or probate litigation.

Contact a Phoenix Probate Attorney

Whether you need assistance probating a will or are seeking representation for a probate dispute, we can help. To discuss how the attorneys of Stegall, Katz & Whitaker, P.C., can protect your interests during the probate process, please call us at 602-241-9221 or e-mail our law office in Phoenix, Arizona, to schedule a consultation.