Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Asserting the Rights and Interests of the Elderly and Disabled

At the law firm of Stegall, Katz & Whitaker, P.C., our attorneys are committed to protecting vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and other harm. We represent elderly and disabled adults, as well as other interested parties, in cases involving issues such as the following:

  • Guardianships and conservatorships: Whether you need help pursuing a guardianship or conservatorship over a loved one who has become incapacitated or you wish to oppose a guardianship or conservatorship appointment in probate court, our firm can help.
  • Abuse of trust: Our attorneys work to protect the rights and interests of adults who have been physically, emotionally and financially abused by guardians, conservators, agents with powers of attorney, trustees and other parties holding positions of trust and responsibility.
  • Institutional abuse and neglect: Our firm represents clients who have been injured as a result of abuse and neglect at nursing homes, group homes and assisted living facilities. We handle cases involving bedsores, fall injuries, malnutrition and other serious harm.

Our attorneys have a great deal of experience as advocates for the proper treatment of protected persons and wards in Arizona. We handle cases involving financial abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, and decisions about medical and psychological treatment of vulnerable adults.

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