Successful Women and Divorce

Financially Successful Women and Divorce

Helping Successful Wives and Husbands Pursue the Outcomes They Deserve

Many of the divorce laws in Arizona originated in a context in which men were expected to be the primary wage earners and women were expected to be primarily responsible for taking care of children. As those expectations have changed, family law has had to adapt in response.

At the Law Office of  Martin H. Katz, PLLC, I have gained a great deal of experience representing both financially successful women and their husbands in divorce cases. I am prepared to address some of the common concerns that arise in these cases.

Understanding How Arizona Law Applies When Wives Earn More

Arizona family law is generally gender-neutral. Decisions about issues such as community property division, spousal maintenance (alimony), and child custody and support are supposed to be made without any consideration of the gender of the parties involved.

As the number of wives earning more than their husbands has increased, many women have developed concerns about having to pay alimony and give up property in divorce.

In some cases, women may feel that their husbands have the capacity to earn more than they do but have chosen not to do so. Men, on the other hand, may feel that traditionally male-oriented professions have been especially hard-hit by the recent economic situation.

As a family law lawyer, I regularly represent both women and men in divorce cases involving financially successful women. If you retain me to handle your case, I will carefully explain how Arizona family law applies to your situation and diligently pursue an outcome that protects your rights.

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